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Pitching to win

All of your rivals are chasing the same business as you and often the difference between the winner and the losers comes down to the delivery as much as the content of a 30-minute pitch.

We can help sharpen your pitch – helping to turn those bullet-point-heavy slides into visual aids so that your presentation stands out from the rest and helping to ensure the team does justice to the written work and your business.

We look at your pitch as the recipient will. Is your proposition clear? Do your slides support you or are they merely your speaking notes? Does your team deliver with passion and energy? How do we feel at the end of your pitch?

We offer a fresh perspective and a disciplined approach with a critique that looks at all of the above and the dynamics between the team players as well.

Your success is our passion!

This half day workshop for up to eight people aims to help with:

  • Planning and structuring your pitch

  • Deciding who is best to present the pitch – your team’s dynamics

  • Finding a visual theme and, if need be, the big idea

  • Delivering your pitch through rehearsals on camera

Pitching to win

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