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Presentation coaching

Making a presentation can be daunting. In fact, they say that fear of presenting is second only to the fear people have of spiders!


Working closely on a complex project and driving it towards success depends on communicating its value simply and coherently. Bringing life and passion to a deck of slides can be a nerve-racking experience when it comes to presenting to an audience that you need to influence or inspire.

We have been working with senior executives for more than 20 years, showing them techniques that help them deliver persuasively and with impact. We can be a sounding-board for a seasoned performer who needs to sense-check material with people outside the business, or we can give help to the less experienced or less confident executives who have an important story to tell.

Key for us is the content. Content is king. Confidence in your content means confidence in your delivery. As former journalists we can help edit the over-arching story, distil the key messages, we can hear the repetition and the gaps in the story and, importantly, we can help ensure your delivery is congruent with your content and does justice to you, your story and your business.


We can work one-to-one in two-hour sessions or with groups of up to four people in half-day sessions. You will be required to present your slides on camera and through a sensitive critique, we will look at:


  • The coherency and flow of your story

  • The messages received

  • The impression you create

  • Your pace, tone, style - right down to wardrobe issues and whether a haircut is needed

  • Dealing with the adrenalin rush


The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place

George Bernard Shaw

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Messaging workshops


This is a creative and visual half or full-day workshop that helps you devise your company’s core messages and vocabulary and then tests the language in a media situation.

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