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Media training

A media interview can be an invaluable opportunity to establish yourself as a leader in your field. Good publicity for the company through a well-handled encounter can put you in charge of the agenda. A poor performance can damage reputations and escalate a crisis.

We want to make sure the authority and control you exhibit in the corporate world is transferred to the television studio or the phone interview with a print journalist.

The key to a successful outcome is preparation: What must your audience take away? How well do you deliver your message? Is what you say persuasive and convincing? All of our trainers have worked on the front line of national news events – in both print and broadcast. We know at firsthand what curve-balls you will face because we have delivered them to leading executives and politicians over the past thirty years.

Our sessions are flexible, practical and pragmatic. We work on developing a compelling message to deal with the issue at hand. Then we test it out through a series of filmed interviews and detailed, constructive feedback. We can put you through telephone print interviews or live or pre-recorded broadcast interviews depending on your needs.

We offer media training courses one-to-one – two to three hours; two or three people – three hours; four people in half a day or six to eight people in a full day with a professional camera operator or in a TV studio or with the coach using their own camera and playback equipment. Hire of the cameraman or studio are additional costs.

Success with the media

Each session includes:

  • An explanation of the rules of engagement, including the use of “off the record”

  • How to engage with a journalist from any media background

  • A briefing on how the journalist & newsroom work/ pressure and deadlines

  • How to handle the difficult questions

  • How to lead rather than being led

  • Dealing with aggression or hostility

  • How to make the most of the opportunity

  • Personal appearance and style

The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn't said

Peter Drucker

More media training services

Crisis media training


A team that has rehearsed the pressures of handling the media in a crisis situation is better equipped to cope with a real event. Our courses are tailor-made to suit your business using a realistic scenario. We follow the first rumblings of a breaking news story through to a full media frenzy.

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Speech writing
CGillingwater Media awareness

Media awareness

Understanding the media is the first step to working with this industry.

This three-hour course is an introduction to the world of newspapers and broadcast media and is ideal for new members of a press office or corporate communications team.

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Social media

Social network concept

How do you get on top of an issue in a timely and responsible way whilst staying true to your obligations to clients, partners and shareholders? Our half or full-day workshops will help you get to grips with the risks and opportunities of engaging in social media.

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Press release writing skills


This half-day course, for up to eight people, is for everyone joining a press office or corporate communications team.

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Messaging workshops


This is a creative and visual half or full-day workshop that helps you devise your company’s core messages and vocabulary and then tests the language in a media situation.

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