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Crisis media training

It’s the moment that threatens everything you’ve worked for and most times you won’t even see it coming.

Crises by their very nature define the people involved. A safety recall of best-selling product; a surprise company profits warning; a case of sexual harassment that makes the tribunal stage or an accident that kills an employee – none of these has to leave a lasting tarnish on your company’s reputation providing they are handled quickly and effectively. Training is essential.

A team that has rehearsed the pressures of handling the media in a crisis situation is better equipped to cope with a real event. Our courses are tailor-made to suit your business using a realistic scenario. We follow the first rumblings of a breaking news story through to a full media frenzy. The pressure and time constraints are genuine as the media steps up its demands. Your team is tested to the limits and the training session and subsequent interviews are all then critiqued constructively and effectively

This six-hour to full-day course for up to 15 people aims to:

  • Test the robustness of your media crisis plans

  • Test unrehearsed responses and reactions in a pressurised situation

  • Develop an action plan for any future crises

  • Give feedback on individual performances

  • Reveal how the media behave differently in a crisis

  • Teach you the key techniques for handling their demands


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